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How to Recover Your Website and Blog After Heating Penguin 3?

Google Penguin is code name given for Google algorithm that is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that do not adhere to the guidelines chalked out by the Google Webmaster.

Penguin 3, the first Penguin updates targets sites and blogs that are spammy, the ones  those are violating the linking guidelines framed by the Google.
So what happens when Penguin 3.0 is run?

1. The site falls from the current position

2. The site stays in the same position

3. The site rises from its current position

As the falling of the site may be because the link falls in the danger zone and Penguin has penalized. Another reason could also be the competitors have sanitized their links and has leaped ahead.

Penguin will target black hat links, negative links, spam links and other sort of bad links. It is algorithm that identifies what Google considers web spam. It acts as forfeit on any site or blog taking part in spammy and unnatural SEO Tactics. The result is that it minimises visibility of the site which will affect the business drastically. 

Recovering your website from penguin 3 has some predetermined steps.

Trace for the unnatural, spammy back links that are pointing to the site: It the site or blog was hit by Penguin, then it is will result in umpteen numbers of bad inbound links, the ones pointing to the site. Bad links may include article directory links, paid links, low quality irrelevant web directories, irrelevant web directories etc. Onsite spam like keyword stuffing, link cloaking, hidden text can also result in penalty etc. Evaluating the site for aforesaid potential issues will be the first step.

Remove unnatural, spammy back links: After compilation of spammy links try manually to discard them. This can be done by collecting contact information on domains and get the link removed. For links that can be manually removed is great but for those links that cannot be removed can disavow them in Google’s WMT thus informing Google to disassociate the links with your site.

Wait and Chalk out strategies: After removing and disavowing all the links that affect the site one must have patience and wait till Google refreshes the Penguin algorithm. If your steps where correct then there will be improvements in both organic traffic and Search Engine Rankings instantly.

It would be apt to chalk out new strategy about few affirmative actions that are required to be taken on the site. Ponder on enhancing and developing quality content; build relative links, Develop brand through social signals, architect relationships through relationship outreach.

Penguin 3.0 recovery is the lengthy process but it is vital to grow and success in online business.

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