Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Expert Interview about Website Designing by Webrex Technologies

Mr. Tarun Kwatra
People are often confused about what web designing is actually all about. Normally one has bias opinion that web designing is about just designing the website and make it look attractive to target audience. But is it so? Or there are more that goes into the process of web designing?

Instead of beating around the bush it is better to clarify the doubts with an experienced web designing and web developer expert - Mr. Tarun Kwatra (Owner of Webrex Technologies, Delhi) 

Here are some transcripts of the interview:
 Q. What is vital for a web designer to know before stating to design the web site?

Ans.  The main thing any web designer should keep in mind is that the site is designed for the web users and hence it should be user centric. The designer should know that users do not read the site they scan and look for some important points that would guide them through the content of the page hence the site should be so designed that it should be free to navigate.

Q. Is content should be kept at the forefront while designing the site?

Ans.  Yes, web users look for authentic and informative content. In fact content is the king and web designers should incorporated relevant and unique content. Weight should be given to the content as compared to graphics as the user visit the site to get information.

Q. What determines the whether the site is successful or not? And what the designers have to do to architect successful web design?

Ans. Usability and not utility determines the success or failure of the web site. As the visitor of the page clicks the mouse and decides every action. For a successful web site every designer has to architect user centric design.

Q. What are the vital principles of web designing?

Ans. Organize, economize and communicate are the three vital principles of web designing. Organize means tabling clear and consistent conceptual structure to the user, economize means doing most with least amount of visual elements and communicate involves matching the presentation in tandem with the capability of the user.

Q. Is it that one should test the success of the site often?

Ans. Always apply TETO (Test early, test often) principle wherein every web design project should be tested as usability tests often provide crucial insights into vital problems and issues pertaining to the given lay out.

Q. What are in bound skills a web designer needs to have?

Ans. Creativity, foresight and in depth knowledge of web designing aspects is all that a professional web designer needs to have to design successful web site.

Q. Is creating web site an easy task with less time put into?

Ans. No architecting and tabling custom website that functions effectively on all the browsers and platforms, that which meets recent web programming standards and that which presents content effectively all through the content is certainly not a cake walk activity and cannot be accomplished overnight. In fact it takes umpteen pages of code to architect successful modern web site.

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